October 19, 2009

Package Dyeing of Unmercerised Cotton yarn with High Exhaust Reactive Dyes

· Start Dyeing @50°C; ensure the starting bath pH be 6; adjust with Acetic Acid if necessary.

· Add salt (vacuum or Glauber’s salt) and hold for 15 minutes

· Add ½ the volume of dissolved and filtered dyestuff and hold 10 minutes.

· Add ½ the volume of dissolved and filtered dyestuff and hold 10 minutes.

· Raise the temperature @2°C/minute to 80°C and hold for 20 minutes.

· Add ½ alkali (Soda ash) and hold 25 minutes.

· Add ½ alkali (Soda ash) and hold for 30 minutes.

· Check sample

· Drain

· Cold wash (10 + 10 minutes)

· Neutralize @ 40°C with adequate qty of Acetic acid.

· Cold wash – 10 minutes

· Hot Wash @ 70°C (2°C/minute) – 10 minutes

· Soap @ 95°C – 15 minutes (1st soap)

· Soap @ 95°C – 15 minutes (2nd soap)

· Soap @ 95°C – 15 minutes (3rd soap)

· Hot Wash

· Sample check for shade and wash fastness

· Cold wash (10 + 10) minutes

· Acid wash with 1 gpl of acetic acid

· In the same acid bath – cationic softener treatment – 20 minutes

· Check pH – 6

· Unload.


confused dude said...


great site... really informative...

im planning to put up a cone dying unit... would like get in touch with you and discuss a lot & use your knowledge for the same...

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Maruf_Ahsan said...


I m from bangladesh; Planning to set up a cone dyeing project within next 6 months. I saw your advise want to share my current idea and m/c setup plan for a feasible project. I m planning to start with 10 ton project at first and qouted rf dryer and as back up planning to take a steam cabinate dryer. pls advise me on 1maruf@gmail.com thanks , M Ahsan

Gulfam said...

Good informative site...
But i don't know why three hot wahes are required at 95c for 15mnts in HE dyes i think single wash is enough..

Gulfam said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! This article is really informative.Relevant tips and techniques provided to increase the knowledge about the subject. Good job :)

Nitendra Singh said...

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and perspectives on dyeing machines. It is appreciated.