April 01, 2008

Fungus formation in yarn before and after dyeing

Fungus formation is the common problem all dyers would have come across. If the yarn is kept stored under moist conditions for more than 24 hours, there is every possibility of it getting afflicted by natural fungus formation.

These fungus would appear at the beginning like yellow patches and spots and slowly turn in to green or blue and end up in black color. These are both aerobic and anaerobic. The portions affected by fungus, if left unnoticed may become weak and tender. If it is a ready for dyeing fabric, then that portion would be dyed lighter or darker according to the nature of dye.

The best solution to avoid the formation of fungus on cotton yarn or fabric, is to keep either completely dry before storage or it it needs to be kept under wet condition, it should be kept in slightly alkaline condition - pH 8 to 9, because all fungus has a tendency to grow in acidic medium only.

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