February 24, 2008

Spray Dyeing Machine - Features

Spray Dyeing Machine

The machine is a new technical evolution, which helps in the dyeing application of delicate yarns in hank form:
-woollen knitting yarns in cashmere, lambs wool, alpaca, mohair, wool and blends -natural silk yarns and blends with
Viscose and wool -filament viscose yarns -mercerized cotton yarns -acrylic knitting yarns, very-high bulk type (VHB).
ASHM is preset to simplify the manual hank loading and unloading operation and on request it may be delivered ready for automation of material handling, from hank reeling to dyeing and drying.

· Pressurized operation by air cushion, up to a maximum temperature of 102°C at sea level, independent from atmospheric pressure variations: reduction of dyeing time and higher dyestuffs exhaust rates.
· Structure entirely made of high thickness stainless steel plate: long-term mechanical reliability.
· Inclined roof of special design: no drippings on the hanks.
· Pressure-tight inspection porthole: up to 102'C operation for additional safety.
· Internal lighting on upper side of hanks: easy inspection of material.
· Hank loading/unloading door made of high-thickness plate and equipped with sealing gasket: no steam leakages in dye house’s environment; steady dyeing liquor temperature; reduction of steam

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