February 23, 2008

Cotton Hank Yarn processing - Machine Dyeing

Machine Dyeing of Cotton Hank yarn: Cotton hanks are available in two lengths, viz., 48" and 72". In general the length is 48" only. Hank yarn can be processed in three type of machines; (1) Cabinet Dyeing Machine and (2) Spray Dyeing Machines and (3) cheese dyeing machine with special arrangment for loading hank yarn.

Cabinet Dyeing Machines:

In cabinet dyeing machines there are two sub divisions. One is High Pressure, High Temperature machine and another is atmospheric pressure dyeing machine. In cabinet dyeing machines, yarn hank are hanged in stationary removable poles and the water would be circulated around the yarn in alternate directions.

From scouring through bleaching and dyeing - all the processes are being carried out in the same cabinet dyeing machine at a stretch. After loading the greige yarn, scouring, bleaching and dyeing are all carried out one after the other in the same machine.

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